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We believe in the advantages of understanding and speaking in myriad languages. At ALITQAN Center we impact expert language training in Arabic through specialized courses that are simple and fun.

Our Teachers

AL ITQAN Arabic Language Center have the most qualified (Emirati Native Speakers) and with strong academic background instructors. It’s not only about speaking Arabic language as native language for business purpose, but an opportunity to learn about the Arab culture. Learning Arabic language in Dubai will be now more affordable & with the Emirati Expert teachers within short period.

Individualized Training

Everybody learns differently. Learning  Arabic in different ways is important to us. We provide eLearning Modules for every student at their comfort and chosen time. Adapting to a new language like Arabic may vary from one student to the other. We specialize in providing language training at each student’s own personal learning pace and time.


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SEUL KISouth Korea
I have lived in Dubai for three years and felt shame to not to know Arabic Language. One day, I saw my friend speaking fluent Arabic with locals. She told me she studied with Mr. Abdul Qader. Next day, I decided to come to class and start studying Arabic with him. The Way of his teaching is very impressing. I can feel he truly cares about each student and trying to help us whenever he is available. He knows how to teach Arabic Language in effective way in a short period of time. He does not let us go to next level unless we know the things well enough. I highly recommend Mr. Abdul Qader as a teacher if you want to study Arabic from the scratch. Start today, join us, it is never too late to start learning Arabic with excellent qualified teacher.
MichaelUnited States Of America
My name is Michael. I am from USA. My favorite teacher is Mr.Abdul Qader because he is the best teacher i ever had. I recommend other students to learn with Mr. Abdul Qader because he is very good and patient.
Jassim Mahmood
Jassim MahmoodIndia
Words are not enough to describe our Usthad Mr.Abdul Qader. He is Wikipedia himself. At times the words of wisdom he speaks really touches our heart. We admire your honesty and humbleness. Thanks for making such good memories in our life.
Michael Gamanos
Michael GamanosUnited States of America
I consider myself lucky to study at AL ITQAN Learning Center. I was only in Dubai for a short period of time however I was surprise at how much I can absorb in just a few days. With the basic reading, writing and conversational skills that I acquired. I am now in the great position to further my studies. Thank you professor Abdul Qader and I highly recommend the AL ITQAN Learning Center to anyone who is in Dubai for the short term or long term.
Seyed Hameed
Seyed HameedIndia
It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen in my various research and the classes which have been offered in Dubai. I pray for his good health as well as his continued service to this Arabic coaching industry.This language is one of the best language and it is the language which every Muslim should learn. Thank you.
Malik Salman Rafiq
Malik Salman RafiqUnited Kingdom
I am Salman from UK. I just finished my two week course over here, and it was an amazing experience. We learnt to speak and write Arabic in 24 hours. I don’t think you can get that experience anywhere else in the world. Abdul Qader loves what he does, and it really comes through when he is teaching. It makes it so much easier to learn when you have a teacher that you could really connect with. I have studied other languages at school: French, German etc. for several years but I can barely say “Hello! How are you?” So if anyone is thinking about coming over here and enrolling, I definitely recommend it.
Atif Ali
Atif AliPakistan
I completed two months training here at AL ITQAN Learning Center. I tried several other institute but this was the best experience I had till now in Dubai in terms of learning about Emirati dialect specifically learning about the common vocabularies use here in UAE. And also learning about numbers, different parts of the body, also I learned about verbs and I also learned different preposition, noun. Abdul Qader is a very good teacher he is very flexible in terms of teaching style and he follow a very easy syllabus which is very easy to follow. I would strongly recommend AL ITQAN Learning Center if you want to learn Arabic and it’s a great opportunity to come here to visit a good teacher like Abdul Qader.
Saanyah Sayeed
Saanyah SayeedIndia
My name is Sanya I’m from New Delhi Private School. I’m in Grade 7 I’m taking this Arabic course for the past one month. Before I was only know read and write Arabic but speaking was a problem for me. So I joined AL ITQAN Language Training Center for help. Now in the school I can follow the syllabus much better than before. I can make new sentences, new paragraphs, new stories with the help of new sentences and the words given by Sir Abdul Qader and I can talk with many people which ask me something in Arabic and I understand and the great Quran very well. In Arabic I also learn to talk about Dubai
Syed Usman
Syed UsmanPakistan
Thank you Mr. Qader.Your method of teaching is very good, best part is to keep student’s attention which you do very well.I feel confident that I have gained well from the course.
Jocelyn Alar
Jocelyn AlarPhilippines
For the Arabic class experience, I would like to say thank you for teaching us the logic of the Arabic class. It was clearly the logical way to understand the Arabic Language. 

Benefits of learning Arabic language

Is it important to learn the local language? Learning the lingua franca of our host country brings a lot of benefits. Not only does it make you feel at home and fully immersed with Emirati culture and traditions, it also provides social and personal fulfillment: building genuine relationship with the locals and native speakers and […]



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