Now that you finished your IELTS Preparation class and you still have a few days left waiting before taking the official exam for IELTS. Now we will give you 7 extra tips on how you can prepare better for your IELTS exam outside the training class. Remember to take all your learnings from the classroom and apply it at all times.

  1. Always use the English language around you. If you are in an English speaking country, then this is easy to learn English and if not then use the internet and browse to learn English online.
  2. If you have the chance to join in an English speaking club like book-club, cultural exchange or a hobby club where you can practice your speaking regularly or start one yourself with other IELTS student’s and take only one rule – ‘English only’! See if you can invite native speakers to give short talks at your meetings.
  3. Do one English activity every day that you are interested in – listen to the radio, watch an English movie, read a magazine or newspaper article, have a conversation in English.
  4. If you live in an English-speaking country, there are many opportunities for you. Visit your nearest local library to find activities. Volunteer to do something where you have to require speaking and learning English – read to the children at your local primary school, help some high school students with their English.
  5. Join to any English online community in your country. Try out one or two websites as your starting point and start sharing your personal views, ideas, and opinions. Make sure that you choose a website that uses English as a primary language.
  6. Practice little and often. Choose one activity at a time – from reading, speaking, writing or listening and concentrate on the chosen activity during your daily practice.
  7. Always make sure you understand why things are wrong and go over to any mistakes and learn from them. If the result gives you more mistakes, then repeat the exercise for your own improvement.