Benefits of learning Arabic language

Is it important to learn the local language?

Learning the lingua franca of our host country brings a lot of benefits. Not only does it make you feel at home and fully immersed with Emirati culture and traditions, it also provides social and personal fulfillment: building genuine relationship with the locals and native speakers and understanding how to use the language in various situations.

Is it important to learn for work reasons?

Learning Arabic will give you an advantage in terms of employability, future job prospects and career growth. With numerous jobs available in the UAE, employers will prioritise candidates who are proficient in Arabic. As a Language Institute, we always receive requests from so many companies willing to enrol their employees for Arabic Language classes.

What do I need to learn if it’s just to converse with friends?

For daily conversational purposes, you may need to learn the alphabet and its pronunciation, basic words, phrases and greetings that can be used restaurants, malls, etc. Moreover, learning Arabic from books is not enough, you learn more when you get involved with speakers – and never worry about your mistakes.

How many hours should I put in?

You can learn Arabic at Eton Institute by attending a class for 2 hours everyday or two times a week, depending on the course schedule. If you are a self-learner, then you can put in about 30 minutes every day learning through books.