Read & Write Arabic Language


Our Arabic programe features the key skills for reading writing, speaking and listening.

Every student’s learning and progress is tracked by our well-qualified Arabic trainer every lesson to ensure that every student gets the most from their Arabic programme
study package.

  • Speaking, fluency and vocabulary practice
  • Grammar and language structure
  • Pronunciation, elocution and presentation
  • Comprehension, listening and basic reading

Main Objectives

By the end of the module, students will:

  • Understand some of the main features of Arabic-speaking societies and how the Arabic language reflects these.
  • Gain an elementary understanding of Arabic sentence construction and be able to apply this in spoken and written formulation of simple, everyday language.
  • Develop a reasonable standard of pronunciation.
  • Be able to recognise common signs and formal indicators.
  • Recognise and use Arabic script in context and be able to compose short dialogues and notes.